I'm sorry.

I used to call myself a Christian, I used to say I was born again, I used to claim to all that I knew I was going to heaven when I died, and I said all these things while continuing to sin. Thus, I became a hypocrite.

I used this blog to preach at others, in my own will and strength, and for my own glory. I used this blog to judge the leaders and government of my country, while I myself still had faults of my own and planks in my own eyes. I used this blog to share my own thoughts about the truth, and mixed in lies that I didn't realize I believed. Thus, I became one of the blind leading the blind.

Because of these things, I have removed this blog. I'm sorry to have to do this, because I always used to greatly dislike when others would remove their work from the web. I used to find it annoying and inconvenient, and here I must do the same. But more than this, I fear leading others astray, which would be an even greater evil than removing my blog. I do not yet have the wisdom to fix all that I have written here, and so I believe it is better to remove it than to continue to publish it.

Chris Frey <cdfrey@foursquare.net>